Planning and DEVELOPMENT


New Town North is within the defined ‘urban area’ of the Edinburgh Local Development Plan (adopted 2016), where a range of uses including residential and commercial are supported in principle, subject to addressing specific planning policies. The surrounding high quality residential uses, the existing office use on site, and the opportunity to extend the existing defined ‘local centre’ along Dundas Street which combines retail, food and beverage, creates the potential for attractive mixed-use development.

A resolution to grant Planning Permission in Principle was achieved for the Northern Area of the site for up to 6,141 sq m (66,103 sq ft) of mixed use space comprising residential, retail, food and drink, office, care home and hotel uses, open space and ancillary associated works, over basement, ground, and up to four upper floors. This scheme (reference 14/01177/PPP) could be progressed separately, subject to receiving the necessary detailed consent.

An application for Planning Permission in Principle was submitted for the entire New Town North site, for demolition of all buildings, and for development of a residential-led mixed use scheme with a range of uses including residential, retail, financial, professional and other services, food and drink, business, hotel, care home and car parking, along with associated infrastructure. The proposal included a maximum gross developed area of 409,200 sq ft (38,015 sq m) with associated car parking. It offered the capability of adopting a residential-led scheme of up to 400 units, or alternatively a mixed-use development strategy. Following extensive discussion, it proved impractical for the site owner to provide the level of design detail for blocks C, D, E and F ultimately required by the Planning Authority to recommend approval of the concept scheme (see plan below), and the application was subsequently withdrawn. A letter from the Planning Authority is available in the data room setting out their position on the application, for which most parameters of the proposed scheme were agreed. The application included full supporting information, and is available in the data room or through the City of Edinburgh’s Council’s Planning Portal (reference 16/05454/PPP).

The concept scheme proposed in the application is included here for information. It is only one approach to master planning this site, and alternative approaches could generate an enhanced scale of development, subject to planning. All planning enquiries should be addressed to the City of Edinburgh Council Planning Team on +44 131 529 3550, or at

Concept SCHEME


Offices (Class 4), Hotel (Class7), Residential Institutions (Class 8), Residential
Residential, Offices (Class 4)
Retail (Class 1), Financial, Professional & Other Services (Class 2), Food and Drink (Class 3), Offices (Class 4), Hotel (Class 7)
Max Area
Site Boundary


New Town North is a unique opportunity to complement Edinburgh’s celebrated Georgian New Town by creating a contemporary development amongst some of Edinburgh’s most desirable residential property.

It is the opportunity to build a dynamic mixed use community in a green and tranquil environment within a short walk of the city centre, and has the scale to accommodate a range of residential, commercial and amenity uses to meet the strong demand driven by Edinburgh’s growing economy.


A concept scheme has been designed, which is sympathetic to both existing features on site and to its neighbours. The scheme offers panoramic city views, whilst opening up the site to improved pedestrian flows with integration into the surrounding streets and the attractive green space provided by King George V Park. It integrates private and affordable housing with supporting commercial uses, and generates new public realm providing attractive spaces and links for both pedestrians and cyclists along key east to west and north to south routes.


The scheme proposes ten high-quality independent residential blocks, with eight freestanding buildings along the southern side of the site, and more urban scale blocks along the west and north. These range from four to seven storeys, and cascade from striking towers to the south-west of the site through to more traditional urban forms to the north.


All vehicular access is along Eyre Terrace, with car parking at basement and podium level. This keeps the public realm largely vehicle free, whilst permitting direct access by car and delivery vehicles to the individual buildings.

The site also offers flexibility, and alternative schemes could embrace a wide range of uses. In addition, they could retain the existing office buildings in whole or part. These have the potential to provide Grade A office space in a market starved of product, or otherwise could be converted for alternative uses.