Strength in NUMBERS


The top choice for business,
tourism and living

Edinburgh is consistently the most affluent city in the UK outside London. As a result, it boasts an increasing population and a workforce which is one of the most highly-qualified, productive and diverse in the UK.


Edinburgh is the UK’s largest regional financial centre, with over 30 banks operational in the city, £500 billion of assets under management, and headquarters for major financial institutions including Aberdeen Standard, Royal Bank of Scotland and Sainsbury's Bank.


Edinburgh has the highest GVA per capita and average disposable income per resident of all UK regional cities.


The annual tourist expenditure in Edinburgh, projected to increase to £1.5 billion by 2020.


The annual economic value to Edinburgh of business tourism, one of the UK’s most iconic conference venues.


Edinburgh's projected population growth by 2039, making it one of the UK's fastest growing cities.


of the working age population in employment, one of the UK's most economically active populations.


The number of new overseas workers registered in the last 3 years, adding to a diverse and highly qualified workforce.


A desirable destination

With UNESCO World Heritage status, 12 international arts festivals and more Michelin starred restaurants than any other regional city, Edinburgh continues to attract more visitors every year...

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